Saturday’s attire.
There’s nothing I love more than a good oversize coat. And if it’s faux fur, even better!
I definitely have a weakness for coats especially long men’s coats. I think in winter since
most of my look is usually hidden under the coat it’s the best time to get into
accessorizing and playing with colors. So I kept the colors of this look pretty neutral with
this black, beige and white combo to create the perfect backdrop for the IKEA-blue net
bag. And lastly it wouldn’t be a look of mine if it didn’t include a pair of tiny sunglasses.
This time I also added a black bandana to complete the look.

Vintage coat / ESPRIT pants / MONKI socks / VAGABOND heels / 90’s net bag
/ Similar earrings HERE

x Sylvie

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  1. Love your blog and style. Have you ever considered vintage fur coats? I have a couple and love the fact that not only are they warm, they are second hand, and can be made into a fur throw (which I did with my oldest coat once it got too ratty). Also, it is natural and biodegrades completely.

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