Style tip #7: Corset Layering

Hey everyone! So here’s the first post on my new site (so exciting!!) and I thought I’d start
with a style tip since I like doing these and I wanna give you guys some ideas on how to “spice up”
your every day wardrobe with interesting ideas.

So let’s get into it! I’m aware that not everyone probably has a corset laying around in their closet
or is willing to wear one over their clothes, but I think it’s something worth trying. It’s a fun way to make
your outfit look way more edgier and give it some more detail. I chose to wear it on top of a thin turtleneck
covered by a blazer but you can just wear the corset over a t shirt which I’ll probably do next time!
I hope you guys try this out and let me know what you think!

Wearing: Corset from H&M

xo Sylvie

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Style tip #6: Shirt Details


Hey guys! This time I wanna share a style tip on how to re-style your classic
white buttoned down shirt by wearing it backwards! This is definitely a bold statement
look! You can either wear the shirt with the collars up for a more elegant look or just keep
the collars down and leave some buttons open in the back to show some skin. I think this
looks the best with tight jeans if you do this with a men’s shirt like I did here, but a
more fitting and feminine shirt will work too! I hope you guys try this out!

xo Sylvie