Shirt – H&M / Vintage skirt / Shoes – MISSGUIDED
This was my outfit for a midsummer party, thought it doesn’t
really feel like summer here in Finland at the moment..
I’m still very into the 70’s trend for this season so a button down
denim skirt seemed like the perfect item to add to my summer wardrobe.
I think the best way to wear a blue denim skirt is to pair it with a loose shirt
you can go for a shirt with a cool print or keep it minimal like I did here and
wear a loose fitting casual white shirt. I think this skirt would also look 
good in midi length, but then I’d wear high heels with it since most 
of my leg would be hidden. 
Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend!
xo Sylvie


Coat – LINDEX / T-shirt – WEEKDAY / Shoes (similar) / Vintage sunglasses & shorts
 Hey guys! This is today’s look.
Super casual, but I think the colors and the contrast of the different materials
like the soft coat and t-shirt with the structured shorts make it more
interesting. I think navy blue and grey look so good together. 
I was focusing on comfort with this outfit since I wore it for traveling
but I think it has a chic element to it too. I think when you’re wearing
shorts like these, heels are definitely a must so your legs don’t look short.
So funny how I would have never imagined myself wearing shorts
like these last year, but this year I’m gonna try new things with my style!
xo Sylvie


image from Vogue
I love this idea of wide leg jeans for summer! I think there’s something so
feminine and beautiful about cropped jeans. Though jeans like these wouldn’t
be everyone’s first choice because they might look a bit hard to style.
I think wearing them with a pair of petite sandal heels or lace-ups and a white 
crisp shirt would look really cool!
xo Sylvie


Shirt – H&M / Culottes – LINDEX / Shoes – NEW LOOK
In the summer time I like to wear more loose clothes, since its warm
and I want my outfits to feel easy and not too hot. I think culottes are a 
really good alternative to jeans in summer. I think they look so flattering
because they make your legs look more petite and longer. They 
look good with heels or if you wanna look more casual a pair of flats or sandals
can also work with culottes. I’m gonna be wearing them a lot this summer.
I was wearing them already last winter but I think they are going to be a big
hit this summer. I think I’m gonna do a post on where to find good ones.
I hope you’re all having a great weekend!
xo Sylvie


Jacket & Skirt – H&M / Turtleneck – ASOS / Shoes – TRUFFLE
Hey guys! This is what I’m wearing today.
It’s kinda warm but super windy so I can still wear a leather jacket here.
I chose to wear all white with leather accents meaning the jacket and the loafers.
I’m rarely in flats but when I am I think loafers are the best shoes to wear on 
a day when I’m not feeling like wearing heels or when I wanna feel comfortable.
And also they aren’t too casual like ballet flats so I think they really 
bring a lot to this outfit.
xo Sylvie