Blazer – Mango / Shirt – H&M / Pants – Lindex / Shoes – Boohoo
I was in the mood to wear black and white today so I wore this
suit-like outfit. I’ve mixed different textures in this outfit, which I think
makes it a little more interesting. These faux leather pants for Lindex are
one of my favorite items in my closet even though I don’t wear them very often.
They have a really good fit and they don’t make my legs look
short, like I feel most long pants do. These are a little loose, but in a
good way. I doubt that leather pants will ever go out of style!

Now I’m about to pack and go to another city for the weekend.
Hope you guys have a good weekend too! 😀

xo Sylvie


Coat (vintage) / Poncho – H&M / Boots – Nelly
Hey everyone! I’m wearing my poncho as a dress today.
I keep finding new ways to wear it and new things to pair it with.
I like matching similar colors together and these camel tones go really
well with black! There’s not much snow anymore so I can
wear these suede boots again and I’m really excited about spring 
because I have so many outfit ideas I wanna wear now that it’s 
a bit warmer and sunnier. 
I hope you guys are having a good week! 
xo Sylvie


Coat – H&M / Shirt – H&M / Jeans – Crocker jeans / Shoes – Dinsko
Hey guys! So I’m in white and blue today. 
I think this is a perfect match! I’ve wanted to wear a denim-on-denim look
for a while but wasn’t sure what coat to wear with it since it’s not that warm here yet
but this coat was a good choice. I went to hang out with some friends wearing this
outfit and I was so paranoid about sitting anywhere in this white
coat because every time I wear it something weird happens to it and I have to 
always wash it after I’ve worn it once which is super annoying.. but I still 
love this coat and I wear it often. Now if only I could find a white leather jacket, 
that would be really cool!
xo Sylvie


Leather jacket – H&M / Sweater – H&M / Scarf – Gina Tricot / Jeans – Weekday / Shoes – Forever 21
Hey guys I hope you’re all having a good week! 
I’d say it’s officially leather jacket weather over here now. 
I’m in my favorite jeans and these nude platform heels I got a few years ago
from Forever 21 in Paris. These heels are so tall I feel like a giant in them!
It feels so good being outside without a winter coat. Though it feels a little
like something’s missing.. Knowing the weather here it’s gonna be snowing 
tomorrow, but today’s a good day I just ordered 2 pairs of
shoes and I can’t wait for them to get here! 🙂
xo Sylvie


Coat (vintage) / Scarf – Gina tricot / Shirt – H&M / Jeans – Weekday / Shoes – Dinsko
So this is what I wore on a rainy day this week. My hair
was wet but at least my outfit was on point so, it’s ok.. haha! 😀 
I wore this vintage camel coat that’s made of wool and cashmere and 
it’s super warm! It’s my favorite winter coat! And here’s another pair of Weekday jeans. 
I’m absolutely obsessed with their jeans! But I have to admit I cut them to this
 length myself because I prefer shorter jeans. Every time I buy jeans I always shorten 
them or when I’m not sure about cutting them I just roll them up. I think it’s 
just more flattering and it makes your legs look a bit longer. And  
they don’t take any attention off your shoes!
xo Sylvie