I’m really inspired by this image of Jane Birkin and Brigitte Bardot from the ’73 movie
“Don Juan, or if Don Juan was a woman”. I love their effortless beauty.
Jane’s denim-on-denim look is so cool!

xo Sylvie


Dress – H&M CONSCIOUS / Leather jacket – H&M / Boots – NELLY
This was yesterday’s outfit. Unfortunately it’s still rainy over here since last week
but I wasn’t cold, thanks to these suede boots. This dress is
one of my favorite dresses that I have. I love H&M’s Conscious collections, they 
are always so pretty and wearable. I’m wearing a belt with this dress though, so
it’s not designed to look that tight on the waist or this short but I like it better this way.
I think I could wear this dress to a festival too but with some kind of flat boots 
or sandals. I can’t wait for the summer festivals to start here in Finland.
I’m gonna try to go to as many good ones as possible this year!
xo Sylvie

On my mind..

Images from Elle, Harpers Bazaar
I made a collage of my latest obsessions! Black statement bags for this spring/summer.
Since black is one of my favorite colors I naturally feel like it goes with everything.
I don’t usually wear bags in my outfit pictures but I think it’s time I start investing in
some really good bags that are not only trendy but timeless bags that look good
in all seasons.
xo Sylvie


Sunglasses – LINDEX / Sweater (similar) / Jeans – WEEKDAY (edited) / Shoes – ASOS
This is what I wore yesterday. I love how sunny and warm it is, finally!
I kept it minimal with these high wasted jeans that I ripped up myself and this cropped
baby blue sweater. I think the low slingbacks make this outfit kinda chic. I’m usually in a lot of
black and white, but I think the amount of color in this outfit makes it more interesting. 
I like the color blue a lot I think it looks good on my skin and It’s perfect for this season!
xo Sylvie


These are in my opinion some of the best trench coats out there right now! 
The colors are so fresh and perfect for spring and summer. What I love about
trench coats is that you can wear them everywhere and with anything! They can be 
worn in a casual way like with blue jeans and some flats of dressed up with a pair of high
heels. My favorite trench coats are the oversize ones with a belt, I think they look more 
flattering than tight and short coats.
xo Sylvie