Coat – H&M / bag (vintage) / Leather pants – Lindex / Shoes – Asos

 This is what I wore while doing some last minute Christmas shopping in Turku this week.

I found this coat in H&M and I’m so obsessed with it! I like how it looks like
a long blazer and it’s very well structured. It has the exact shape that I like in coats 
like these. I think I got the biggest size I could find cause I love oversize coats and
I think they look really good on me! And these leather pants are a must have
for winter! So warm and stylish. I think these are a good alternative for jeans.
Now I’m trying to plan my outfit for New Year.. This year I don’t wanna wear
a dress so I have a few days to find something good! 😀

xo Sylvie


Coat (vintage) / Blouse – Zara / Skirt – Monki / Shoes – Asos
 Today’s look is minimal again like most of my outfits. I think there’s something 
so beautiful about a simple outfit that has lots of good details, like
the print on this skirt. In this outfit I’ve paired this structured skirt with this soft blouse
to create a classic look, but since it’s winter here I put on this warm and
long vintage coat over it to complete the look. The leather boots add an interesting
contrast to the outfit. It was super windy when we shot these pics so my hair
was all over the place!
Right now I’m about to go to a city called Turku here in Finland to be with my
family for Christmas. This is definitely my favorite time of the year, tho I hate the snow..
I can’t wait to see everyone and give them gifts! <3
xo Sylvie


Blazer – Mango / Pants – Seppälä / Heels – Asos / Bag (vintage)
I went to a wedding on Saturday and this is what I wore.
I wanted to wear something sexy but I didn’t wanna go for an obvious choice and wear
 a dress so I decided to wear a slightly oversize suit. I’ve been wanting to wear one
for a while now but I hadn’t found the right opportunity yet until now. 
This is an androgynous look but I feel like the length of the pants
 and the heels make it a little more feminine.
The wedding was so much fun! I love weddings, especially if there is dancing and
good food! Haha! 😀
xo Sylvie


Shoes – Asos
So these are my first “winter shoes” ever, without a heel. I’m always in heels so I thought
I’d try something new after I slipped on some ice a few days ago.. hahah!
Even though I’m tall I always feel like something is missing when I’m
not in high heels, but these shoes are worth it! I just can’t get enough of them..
So let’s see how long I can wear them without going back to my heels. 😀
xo Sylvie


Coat (vintage) / Blouse – Zara / Leather pants – Nelly / Shoes – Asos
I’m loving my color palette today! 
You can never go wrong with a camel black and white combo. This outfit isn’t
exactly the warmest choice for winter but it’s perfect for today. 
It’s a minimal look but I’ve mixed different shapes and textures. 
The leather pants actually have this alligator print on them that you only see
 when you look closely and I think it’s little details like that, 
that make the outfit more interesting to the eye.
Now I’m off to do some Christmas gift shopping for my family and
friends. Have a great weekend guys!! <3
xo Sylvie