Shirt – Monki / Jeans – H&M  / Corset – H&M
I found this awesome corset from H&M and it was long before
but I shortened it. I think it looks so good on top of a white shirt which is 
something I’ve never tried before! And the shoes I borrowed from
 my little sister to complete the look!
I look like I’m about to cry in the first picture.. hahaha!
 xo Sylvie


Knit – Lindex / Leggings – Gina Tricot / Shoes – Dinsko / Purse (vintage)
 I’m wearing all black today.
I can’t get enough of this fluffy knit from Lindex!
It was actually open before but I sewed the front part together and
 I like it better like this. I love mixing different textures together
 I think it makes an outfit more interesting.

xo Sylvie


Coat – vintage / Leggings – Gina Tricot / Top – Lindex
 I found this amazing coat by accident in a thrift store when I was looking for
vintage picture frames for my apartment. It’s so warm and easy to wear with everything
and it’s in really good condition!
Even though my favorite colors are black and white, this fall I’m gonna be wearing a lot of neutrals
and beige colors too. I feel like a coat like this is a must have
for this fall and winter!

Hope you guys have a great week! 
xo Sylvie


Turtleneck – Seppälä / Leather skirt – H&M / Shoes – AX Paris
I’m in all black today! I love how this turtleneck goes with the leather skirt so well
and I like mixing different textures together.
I’ve had these suede boots for soo long but I’ve never actually worn them before
because I’ve had a hard time matching them with outfits.
I don’t like wearing boots over pants in winter and they are so warm that I can’t wear
 them in summer time either.. But I think I found a way to wear them now! 
I feel like everything just works in this outfit.
Today I’m gonna do some shoe shopping again I’ll try to take some pics during shopping,
I still haven’t found the perfect “man shoes” yet.. haha! 

xo Sylvie