Coat and Knit dress (vintage) / Dress inside the knit dress – Asos / Shoes – Boohoo / Accessories – Glitter
 Today’s outfit was pretty casual and easy.
I found this really cool hand knitted dress from the 80’s in a vintage store a while ago
and I thought this was the perfect time to wear it. As u can see it’s 
been snowing here but it won’t stop me from dressing how I want.. haha!
And I thought I’d try something new so I curled my hair because its
always kinda straight but I feel like I look very different now, maybe too girly..
 I hope you guys are having a good week too even tho it’s cold!
xo Sylvie


Cap – Asos / Coat – Vintage / Accessories – H&M
I’m having one of those “all black” phases. I’ve been wearing a lot of
black on black this week. I found this coat at a vintage store..
 Once again I went in there not looking for anything and I found this
 coat and I’m pretty obsessed with it at the moment!
Oh and it finally started snowing here today (not happy about that)
so it’s time to pull out the faux fur coats.. yaay!! 
Have a great weekend guys!
xo Sylvie


I’ve been working with a Finnish accessory brand called LUMI 
which designs really beautiful and high quality bags and other accessories.
 I’m so happy to tell you guys that now YOU also have a chance to have your own LUMI bag! 
You have to vote for my look by liking it on facebook on the #LUMIstyle competition
page and one of the voters will be rewarded with a brand new designer bag from LUMI!
So go here to like/vote for my look: #LUMIstyle
You have 2 weeks time to vote and the winner will be announced on the first of December.
Good luck and thank you! <3
Bag – LUMI / Turtleneck – Seppälä / Skirt and Belt – Monki / Stockings – Gina tricot / Shoes and Accessories – H&M
xx, Sylvie


Coat – Asos / Leather leggings – Gina tricot / Shoes – Truffle collection / Gloves – H&M 
 It was pretty cold again so I wore this light faux fur coat from Asos today.
It’s not so warm on it’s own so I was wearing a sweater under it to keep warm
but after wearing this I stated missing wearing fur coats and I feel like I 
can’t wait for it to get a little colder and start snowing so I can start wearing them
This week is going so fast I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend again!
xo Sylvie


Sweater – Lindex / Pants (vintage) / Shoes – H&M / Accessories – Glitter
Damn, it’s so rainy over here and I’m still sick., 🙁 
But so far this week is going great and it’s not so cold now.
 This is a look I wore on the weekend. I’m obsessed with
wide pants. I think they just look so cool and they’re made out of this kinda silky fabric 
so they feel good too. I think pants like these are a nice alternative to the everyday jeans,
something different and interesting..
 Hope you guys have a great week!
xo Sylvie