On my mind..

Coat – Asos
Sweater – Mango
Shoes – Faith
Pants – Lindex
These are some of the things I’m really loving right now. The colors are pretty subtle
but wearing all those pieces together would create the perfect look for autumn and make quite a statement..
I’ve been looking everywhere for a long thin coat in this shade of green but
I couldn’t seem to find the perfect one anywhere and now I’ve finally found it in Asos. 
Everything about it is just right! And I never used to like wearing shoes without a heel
 but I will make the exception for these shoes! 😀
xo Sylvie


Sweater – Zara
Shirt – H&M
Leather pants – Nelly
Shoes – Missguided
Sorry guys I know I haven’t posted anything in a looong time! I’ve been too busy
 but I’m back now! <3
And about the outfit.. 
I’m really into mustard yellow right now! It doesn’t look good with everything but
 I think this combo works. I have to admit this sweater 
from Zara is the only thing I have in this color, but I’ve been looking for a mustard 
colored blazer and pants so I can wear them as a suit. I’m not sure if it would look a little crazy but I
 have to find them haha!
xo, Sylvie

Today’s look

Shirt – Zara
Belt – H&M
90’s inspired jeans – Boohoo
Light blue pumps – Dinsko
Finally some color! Now that it’s getting cold I’m gonna start wearing more jeans 
and more color in general, because in autumn/winter people usually wear black and other dark 
colors (like it wasn’t depressing enough) and I don’t like blending in so I’m gonna pull out all my
 colorful clothes now.. haha!
xo Sylvie
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I’m so happy these shoes are finally here!!!!!!!!! I’m sooo in love with them!
I’ve been wanting to get flatforms for a long time, but I didn’t know what kind 
and what color.. But when I saw these ones I knew I just had to have them..
//Uudet kengÀt!!!!!!!
xo Sylvie

White, leather & gold

Leather jacket (vintage
Leather backpack (vintage)
T-shirt and skirt – H&M
High heels – Asos
So this is today’s outfit.  
I found this mini backpack at a vintage store years ago but I’ve never used it ‘coz
 I completely forgot I even had it! I feel like it goes well with the leather biker jacket and they make
this outfit look less “girly”. The gold accessories complete
 this outfit.
//PĂ€ivĂ€n asu! TĂ€mĂ€ nahkainen mini selkĂ€reppu ja nahkatakki tekevĂ€t asusta vahemmĂ€n 
“tyttömĂ€isen” ja kultaiset asusteet tĂ€ydentĂ€vĂ€t asua.