Sweater – Zara
Shirt – H&M
Leather pants – Nelly
Shoes – Missguided
Sorry guys I know I haven’t posted anything in a looong time! I’ve been too busy
 but I’m back now! <3
And about the outfit.. 
I’m really into mustard yellow right now! It doesn’t look good with everything but
 I think this combo works. I have to admit this sweater 
from Zara is the only thing I have in this color, but I’ve been looking for a mustard 
colored blazer and pants so I can wear them as a suit. I’m not sure if it would look a little crazy but I
 have to find them haha!
xo, Sylvie

Today’s look

Shirt – Zara
Belt – H&M
90’s inspired jeans – Boohoo
Light blue pumps – Dinsko
Finally some color! Now that it’s getting cold I’m gonna start wearing more jeans 
and more color in general, because in autumn/winter people usually wear black and other dark 
colors (like it wasn’t depressing enough) and I don’t like blending in so I’m gonna pull out all my
 colorful clothes now.. haha!
xo Sylvie
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I’m so happy these shoes are finally here!!!!!!!!! I’m sooo in love with them!
I’ve been wanting to get flatforms for a long time, but I didn’t know what kind 
and what color.. But when I saw these ones I knew I just had to have them..
//Uudet kengät!!!!!!!
xo Sylvie

White, leather & gold

Leather jacket (vintage
Leather backpack (vintage)
T-shirt and skirt – H&M
High heels – Asos
So this is today’s outfit.  
I found this mini backpack at a vintage store years ago but I’ve never used it ‘coz
 I completely forgot I even had it! I feel like it goes well with the leather biker jacket and they make
this outfit look less “girly”. The gold accessories complete
 this outfit.
//Päivän asu! Tämä nahkainen mini selkäreppu ja nahkatakki tekevät asusta vahemmän 
“tyttömäisen” ja kultaiset asusteet täydentävät asua.


Shirt- H&M
Skirt – H&M
Boots – Boohoo
Sunnies – Lindex
 We’ve been shooting outfit pictures for my blog the whole weekend and I noticed 
that it’s starting to get really cold here so I’m afraid that this might be one of the last sunny 
days before Autumn.. then the winter darkness. But I refuse to believe it so I’m still wearing
mini skirts and no jacket, but soon I might have to. 🙁
Anyway, this is what I wore today. I LOVE wearing black and white.
//En halua uskoa, että kesä on ohi joten käytän vielä tälläisiä “kesäisiä” asuja! Tää kesä on 
ollut mun mielestä liian lyhyt enkä ole valmis syksyn ja talven pimeyteen.. 🙁
Hope you all had a great weekend!
xo, Sylvie