Sylvie Mus is a blogger and model born in Rwanda and currently living in Helsinki Finland.
She started her blog in 2014 initially as a gallery of looks to showcase her personal style and passion
for styling. Later on it became a place where she would also share everything else that inspired her about
fashion. Since starting her blog Sylvie has collaborated with global brands and has also been featured in
international magazines and online publications such as ELLE, GRAZIA, GLAMOUR, Stylecaster
and many more. In 2017 she created an independent platform

“I created this new platform with the aim to inspire you with my minimal
aesthetic and love for vintage goods. What you can expect from this site
will be Fashion, Style, Shopping and lots of Inspiration. All from my personal
perspective. I hope you guys enjoy this site and THANK YOU for the support!”

For inquiries , collaboration or more information about Sylvie contact